CMS Proposed Rules for Payers


The final versions of the highly anticipated rules have been released. 1upHealth can help health plans meet these new requirements through its FHIR® platform and services as further outlined here

This February, at HIMSS, Seema Verma from CMS announced a proposal for new rules that will require payers to enable health care data access to their patient and their patients’ applications via FHIR® APIs. These regulations will enable similar openness as the Meaningful Use 3 rules that require patients to have FHIR® API access to their EHR data. CMS, through Medicare has already exemplified this interoperability through the Medicare Blue Button program, but having the rest of the US payers extend their data through patient apps will truly be game changing.

However no tools exist for payers to support these new rules. That’s why we are teaming up with HealthLX to provide the technical means to meet these new standards for patient data interoperability.

1upHealth is enthusiastic about the proposed rules and hopes to help payers and health plans take advantage of the new-found interoperability through our collaboration with HealthLX. We believe that patients have a fundamental right to their data. By enabling patients to share it with apps via FHIR® APIs, payers can gain deep insights into healthcare quality and cost, and individuals can access numerous tools to help improve their outcomes.

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