Geisinger on FHIR®

Many 1upHealth users have patient portals that they wanted to link from Geisinger and were requesting support for the health system. So we are proud to say that 1upHealth now supports Geisinger, one of the biggest health systems in the US. This means that any patient or app that wants to consume medical data via patient mediated consent can use the 1upHealth patient application or FHIR® API development platform to get that data via the FHIR® standard in minutes. Geisinger serves over 2.6 million patients which adds significant reach to the health systems already supported by 1upHealth.

Although Cerner has previously collaborated with Geisinger on SMART on FHIR® integrations, our connection is via the patient’s EPIC portal. The xG Health Solutions team within Geisinger have already used its FHIR® integrations to build a custom app for patients with rheumatology, but now that the connectivity supported by 1upHealth, any app developer can make any healthcare app for patients at Geisinger! And patients have control over which apps they want to share data with. The best part about it is that app can be used for patients at any of the other 1upHealth FHIR® supported health systems with no modifications.

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