1upHealth’s Strategic Partnerships Manager Shares Perspective on HIMSS23

It’s been just over a week since we attended the HIMSS 2023 Conference in Chicago and I am still feeling inspired by all of the exciting conversations and speaking sessions I attended. The energy and passion to improve our healthcare industry was palpable in the McCormick Center amongst hundreds of vendors ranging from newly founded startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

My favorite part of the conference was interacting with customers, vendors and partners in person; there’s something to be said about the genuine connections you can foster through human interaction. It was truly refreshing to be back in person with old and new colleagues, competitors and collaborators, customers and prospects, all working together to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. 

It was exciting to witness all of the incredible work being done leveraging data and new technologies to ultimately improve patient outcomes. There were a few key themes that were most prevalent throughout HIMSS this year:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The sheer number of companies that are harnessing the power of this new technology to improve healthcare is impressive. Imagine an AI bot that can create personalized treatment plans for cancer patients or match patients to clinical trials. The opportunities are endless as the industry navigates the true potential of AI. 
  • Data Interoperability: There looks to be a shift and focus in the healthcare industry where vendors are understanding the importance of exchanging healthcare data. It is critical that we find ways to make clinical and claims data available and computable between disparate systems, and this is where 1upHealth is well-positioned to address this theme.
  • Patient Experience: I was fascinated by the number of companies developing and investing in wearable devices, patient portals, and patient apps. Putting healthcare into the hands of the patient and making it user-friendly will ultimately help patients feel empowered to actively manage their own health. 


I left HIMSS feeling energized by all of the amazing work being done to help push the healthcare industry forward. I can’t wait to continue the conversation with the various companies I spoke with (albeit over Zoom/Teams/Google Meet for the next few conversations), and I look forward to connecting again in person at another industry conference. 

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