1upHealth’s Sales Director for Digital Health Shares Perspective on HIMSS23

It’s no surprise that Interoperability and FHIR® continue to be ubiquitous themes at HIMSS, as breaking down data silos, integrating data from different sources, and enabling data-driven decision making remain among top challenges across the healthcare ecosystem. 

At 1upHealth, we were thrilled to be joined in our booth by two digital health innovators making significant strides leveraging FHIR interoperability to power their apps and deliver valuable patient experiences. 

Jean Ross and Jim McIntosh from Primary Record showcased their revolutionary mobile app that is the medical homebase for families. 

With Primary Record’s innovative health record management solution and 1upHealth’s cutting-edge interoperability capabilities, patients and their families can now seamlessly connect, access, and share health records across different healthcare systems and applications. 

“1up has been such a vital partnership to our business strategy. We don’t have to worry about building out integrations with EHRs and provider sites. By tapping into your network, we can focus on our key mission to help bridge the gap of siloed healthcare data for families.” – Jean Ross, MHA, BSN, RN, Co-founder, Primary Record

You can read more about how Primary Record is revolutionizing healthcare and improving patient outcomes here.

Kevin Corbett and Ben Ayd from Third Opinion joined our team to highlight the importance of giving patients more control over their health, especially when it comes to groundbreaking clinical trial enrollment. 

With Third Opinion’s mission to accelerate and improve clinical trial enrollment and 1upHealth’s data integration capabilities, patients can now have more options to treatment from lifesaving clinical trials with comprehensive medical records on hang. 

“What’s really needed in the health industry is a patient focus and that’s a huge differentiator for 1upHealth. As leaders in the connection space, 1upHealth enables a bunch of technologies and is at the heart of the system. Being able to connect people who are working hard on these problems with patients that need care through interoperability is a great mission and 1upHealth really takes that in stride.” – Kevin Corbett, Co-founder, Third Opinion

You can read more about Third Opinion’s partnership with 1upHealth in giving patients control over their health through more clinical trial options here.

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