1up Approach to User-Centric Design: 5 Ways We Learn More About You

At 1upHealth we are building a data cloud platform that leverages FHIR to connect, control, and compute health data. We understand the importance of having access to clinical and claims data and will continue to learn how we can guide you to the best possible insights. 

When designing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for our products, it’s important for us to understand our audience of who’s using our platform on a daily basis. Here at 1upHealth, we leverage user-centric methodologies to build products our customers will look forward to using. 

In order to do so we must put our users first by getting to know you. Here are five ways the Product team at 1upHealth are understanding our target users and building product that will help you achieve even the toughest goals in getting actionable insights from health data. 

#1 Interviews

Interviewing is a great research methodology to learn more about a specific topic or problem by asking customers questions. Interviews give insights into what customers are thinking about a product, process, industry standards, etc.

The benefit of user interviews is understanding what a user is trying to accomplish and what their current problems are. It’s a great way to get to know users and have a constructive conversation about how we can better their lives.

#2 Focus Groups

A focus group brings together a small group of people to answer questions in a moderated setting. They give us access to customers’ open-ended whys and needs. Focus groups have the potential to shape 1upHealth’s business plan and product roadmap.

It’s a chance to understand what customers are thinking and how they see the future of healthcare. Leading discussions on government mandates, FHIR technology, and beyond is what will make 1upHealth the go-to data cloud platform because the information collected will be catered to the needs of industry leaders like yourself.

#3 User Testing

Don’t let the word ‘testing’ scare you. User testing helps uncover opportunities for improvement and helps Product understand the behavior and preferences of target users. Often times, the tester is seeing a new user interface, so they get to help improve it, and have a glimpse into what’s to come.

Sometimes with large product charges or new concepts, the Product team will run a beta test. These tests allow customers to try the product in a live environment with real data for a set amount of time while providing feedback on how to improve before it fully releases.   

#4 Surveys

We all have probably taken a survey or two in our life. When the Product team is looking to collect a large amount of data points, surveys are a great tool to do it. They range from product satisfaction to gauging the need for certain features. 

#5 Stories

Lastly, and most importantly, tell us your stories. Tell us about a time when 1upHealth or another software program helped or failed you. At the end of the day, 1upHealth is telling a story through the data platform. It can be rewritten, added on to, and even delete chapters if it’s not a compelling story. 

The Product team at 1upHealth looks forward to meeting and learning more about you! 

If you’re interested in being a part of any of our research efforts, please reach out to Katie Verrant, our Product Designer at katie.verrant@1up.health.

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