About Us

As the industry’s most complete FHIR® data platform, we’re on a mission to transform healthcare data to create positive change that affects all areas of our industry for the better.

Our Values


1up is Human

We recognize that work does not define who we are. Cultivating a workspace where everyone can feel respected, safe, valued, and empowered is paramount to who we are. When individuals feel supported to bring their whole selves to work, creativity flourishes and the innovations that will empower tomorrow are born.


1up is Visionary

Proud techno-optimists, we understand the profound impact technology has on life. We’re intentionally seizing the transformative power of technology to create the future of healthcare – starting with data interoperability. We owe it not only to ourselves but future generations to create a healthcare data infrastructure that benefits everyone.


1up is Bold

Changing healthcare interoperability for the better is no small matter – it takes a fresh and decisive approach. We face the challenges in front of us head on, boldly determined to try new things, knowing every bend in the road is an opportunity to grow.


1up is Resolute

No matter how steep the mountain, how long the climb – we are dedicated to every step of the journey. With deep-rooted commitment, we ardently support our clients, the industry and each other – knowing the work we do each day is meaningful far beyond ourselves.

Navigating Change with Tenacity

The healthcare industry is in a state of metamorphosis. Big shifts are happening that will shape the future of healthcare operations. 1up is here to help lead the way.

Like so many other periods of transformation, the greatest growth happens from the smallest of seeds. Progress occurs over a collection of moments brought about by hard work and dedication – it is neither easy nor instantaneous. We can help mitigate the challenges and confusion with expertise and care.

Meeting the Industry Needs of Today and Tomorrow

With FHIR® as the foundation, we’ve created a digital platform to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare data today and evolve with them into the future. It’s a fact the need for data in healthcare will only continue to increase. Today’s standards of data measures don’t accurately reflect the richness of patient variation – far richer utilization management is available through modern technologies that already exist.

1up bridges the divide by connecting customers with the technologies and resources needed to robustly compute the value of care, outcomes, and cost. We make it easy to holistically manage and compute on your patient data on both individual and population levels – allowing for real-time analytics and use cases that include quality, risk management, and instant digital health.

It’s time for healthcare infrastructure to join the modern world – not only to improve how healthcare operates, but to provide a better quality of care for everyone.