1upHealth Code of Conduct – What we are built on, FHIR® included.

At 1upHealth, we are committed to setting the highest standard for ethics in our environment.


What is the point of the code of conduct, and who does it apply to?

A positive working environment allows everyone to feel respected and safe at work, allowing for better collaboration, idea generation, and communication. Because we collaborate with various groups that come from varying perspectives, backgrounds, communication and working styles, this commitment allows us to build strong relationships with our partners, customers, build amazing FHIR® API products for everyone to use, and hire the greatest people.

The 1upHealth Code of Conduct establishes norms for how our team members work together, as well as sets expectations needed to make 1upHealth a positive space for everyone. The code outlines expected behaviors, as well as behaviors that may lead to a negative environment which should be avoided, and methods with how to deal with issues appropriately. The code of conduct applies equally to everyone working at and with 1upHealth. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, which includes termination of employment or partnership. At 1upHealth we maintain the highest standards when it comes to everyone’s privacy, security, integrity, and responsiveness. Because our customers trust us with patient electronic health record (EHR) data, that means privacy and security is at the top of our prioritization. To ensure this, everyone at 1upHealth has responsibility regarding gathering, using, transfering, and accessing information as outlined in the 1upHealth Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, all of our customer interaction and work should continue to increase and maintain trust. If there are any concerns, 1upHealth is open to feedback, and is open to implement changes to the code of conduct, as needed. The Code of Conduct works hand in hand with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy.


How can we create a positive working environment?

Each 1upHealth member is responsible for contributing to making 1upHealth a positive, inclusive, growth-oriented environment. We are committed to creating and maintaining a supportive environment where each team member can reach their fullest potential. At 1upHealth, we expect each team member to respect each other, to listen and communicate with one another, and help each other.

We want to make sure everyone is comfortable in their working environment and feels respected in all of their interactions with all of the 1upHealth team members and customers. It is important to consider the needs of others into account in your work and how you engage with 1upHealth teammates. When you do not understand something at 1upHealth, ask your team member to clarify what they mean in order to avoid a misunderstanding or confusion. If there is confusion or misunderstanding, try to understand what perspective someone has that you do not, even if you may not agree. Communicate in a way that helps others understand and enables them to feel safe and respected. It is important to actively listen to understand what others think and how they feel. When you notice a 1upHealth team member needing help with something, check in to see if you can provide aid. Let someone know, like HR or your manager know if you think a team member isn’t being heard or listened to. If there’s any misunderstanding or debate that prevents a positive working environment, remind others to review the 1upHealth code of conduct.


What would lead to a negative working environment?

Behavior that goes against maintaining 1upHealth as being a safe and positive environment, will be considered to be unacceptable. If this happens, it creates an uncomfortable company culture that impacts how others feel at work. The following behaviors are examples of what’s unacceptable:


  • Discrimination or insults on the basis of race, color, status, gender, medical condition, and sexual orientation
  • Verbal, physical, or visual threats against any person or group
  • Inappropriate physical conduct or attention
  • Continuously harassing and encouraging others to harass an individual or group, especially when they asked you to stop ts to new teammate
  • Advocating for unacceptable behavior

Vengeance – advocating for unacceptable behavior in order to cause other team members to feel bad This includes but is not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Dishonesty
  • Insults
  • Disrespecting someone’s viewpoint
  • Causing harm in a verbal, physical, or visual manner

Bribery – You should not be bribing any of your coworkers or customers for special favors, or in exchange for anything. This is not fair to your co-workers nor customers to gain an unfair advantage. Examples of this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gifts of any monetary value
  • Favors of any kind in exchange for any act
  • Insults
  • Disrespecting someone’s viewpoint
  • Causing harm in a verbal, physical, or visual manner

Anyone asked to stop or change their behavior in line with the Code of Conduct is expected to do so immediately.


How do you report a problem?

If you see or hear something that would impact the code of conduct, please address it directly with either the individual, your manager, or HR, depending on what makes you most comfortable. This may mean being able to talk directly to the 1upHealth team member and letting them know there is a problem, or reaching out directly to your manager or HR and letting them know your thoughts; whom will be able to help you address the problem and ensure a continued safe and comfortable working space for you. If you see someone else having a problem or any sort of incident, speak up and support your 1upHealth team member. Some may feel uncomfortable speaking up, and reporting any problems. These conversations can be tricky, and HR can help you figure out how best to approach them.