Platform Apps

The 1up Platform is built on the latest cloud technology with field-level security. Our capabilities are performant and responsive regardless of whether they’re being used to retrieve a single patient encounter or to conduct a complex query across billions of resources.

Overview of CMS Regulations

The federal government issued a vast set of interoperability rules in 2020. The goal was to prevent information blocking and to empower patients with the ability to access and control their health information. Three key requirements that specifically impacts health plans that went into effect in 2021. 

The 1up Difference

The CMS compliance applications leverage the same underlying architecture as the overall 1upHealth data platform. The 1up CMS applications are a specific configuration of the overall platform to offer additional features in order to be compliant including data ingestion processors for clinical and claims data.


CMS Patient Access Rule

This app allows members to access their claims and encounter data, as well as a subset of their clinical data, through third- party apps of their choice.


CMS Payer-to-Payer Rule

Health plan members must be able to bring their clinical data with them as they transition to new plans. Payers offering government-sponsored health plans must be able to send and to receive such information in an electronic format. The data must also be maintained for future sharing with subsequent health plans.