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Connect Data

Healthcare data sits in legacy systems across many parties. 1upHealth uniquely answers this challenge with a set of tools that are standards-based, leveraging the best attributes of connectivity, transportability, and privacy that FHIR offers.

The 1up Difference

Our approach gets you data faster. Perhaps you need daily bulk-level extractions from the EMR with a partner with whom you have a data sharing agreement. Or perhaps you want to move from monthly flat files from CMS to weekly BCDA (Beneficiary Claims Data API) feeds. Or perhaps you need an out-of-the-box solution for patient-mediated requests that can be configured into your workflow. 1up has a broad network of FHIR endpoints and a comprehensive approach to data connectivity based on the FHIR standard.

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Population Level

With Clinical Connectivity from 1upHealth, we can give you access to rich datasets via adapters to major EMRs such as EpicAthena, and Cerner.

Timely data – Provide 1up with a roster of individuals. The data collection will begin after you indicate a recurring record pull based on a time schedule. 

Uniform data – Our API connects and brings various data types in the modern FHIR format.

Standard integration – When possible, our API utilizes EMR-approved FHIR approaches for integration. This means you can add a new EMR connection as an adaptor without changing existing code.

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Individual Basis

Our Health History solution ​​is an out-of-the box tool that customers can quickly configure and deploy to give patients the ability to request clinical and claims data via FHIR APIs.

Patients are able to select from thousands of clinical and claims endpoints to request and to collect their data in real-time. When a connection is made, the various data types are sent to the 1up platform.

Provider Directory

CMS-regulated health plans are required to make provider directory information publicly available via a standards-based API. 1upHealth is well positioned to support health plans in meeting the CMS Patient Access Provider Directory requirements. We would build on our platform already in production to quickly and efficiently assist in meeting compliance requirements