1up Platform Administration
Learn more about administering and building in single tenant (managed deployment) environment for the 1upHealth FHIR API Platform and Connectivity.
1upHealth can be deployed as a single or multi-tenant environment as a managed deployment in your cloud vendor's infrastructure.
The majority of health plans and health systems using 1upHealth for their FHIR platform to meet CMS Interoperability requirements or 3rd-Party Application integrations are on our single tenant environment.
This audience of this documentation is system administrators, technical architects, and internal health plan staff and IT engineers, who are managing and building on 1upHealth's FHIR API Platform.
If you are building apps as a Developer , view our developer documentation
If you are a consumer at a health plan or health system that uses 1up, as a Patient or Member, view our consumer guides.
Last modified 1yr ago
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