Mercy Health - OH, KY Healthcare API

1upHealth supports patient mediated data access via Mercy Health - OH, KY's FHIR API for healthcare data. Mercyhealth is a non-profit health care provider and hospital system based in Janesville, Wisconsin. It is a vertically integrated health care system with 70 facilities serving a total of 26 communities throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. As part of its diversified, vertically integrated system, Mercy Health operates over four core service areas: hospital-based service, clinic service, post-acute care, and retail.

This means that any app developers using the 1upHealth platform will be able to get access to their users' medical data from Mercy Health - OH, KY. To learn more about how you can get access take a look at the our healthcare API platform documentation.

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Website: Mercy Health - OH, KY
Date API added: 2018-01-10
API Version: FHIR DSTU2 1.0.2
Authorization model: OAuth 2.0
City: Paducah
State: KY