1upHealth Provider Application

Complete patient records, at your fingertips

With access only to medical records from within your institution, you may be missing vital information on your patients. 1upHealth aggregates and automatically updates patient records from external health systems. We’re using new nationwide standards that allow for the seamless exchange of health data, so that you have all the information you need to make informed clinical decisions.

SMART Health App

SMART Health IT Apps enable a custom view natively in the EHR, supported via EHR App Galleries.
They can accept any external data, but do not flow into other EHR screens. The 1upHealth Provider App works with the top EHRs. These are the features that the app offers:

SMART App List - 1upHealth

Quickly scan through patients and search records

Example of what a list of patients looks like

SMART App List - 1up

Full patient chart with interactive timeline that can accept any external data


SMART App Alerts - 1upHealth

Customized content and action buttons all generated via FHIR Resources


SMART App Demo



Reach out to our engineering team at: support@1up.health