ProUp for Patient Reported Outcomes

Seamless requests for patient reported outcomes (PROs) and reporting of quality measures.

After winning Phase 1 of the AHRQ Step Up Challenge,1upHealth is developing ProUp, a secure, patient facing application that facilitates seamless integration between EHR systems and PRO data collected via easy to complete PRO questionnaires. As a provider or health system, you can request patients to use our application to answer questions on their phone or computer. If we are already integrated with your organization, some answer can be automatically answered for patients via our EHR connectivity. ProUp also enables write back to your EHR and automated reporting so you can effortlessly meet government requirements and measures.

If you're at any of these health systems below we are already integrated with your organization and you can request patients to fill out specific patient reported outcomes and measures without any additonal work.

280 Supported Health Systems with over 1000 Locations


ProUp is a patient facing application that leverages the connectivity of FHIR APIs to bring together patient EHR data with answers to PROs in a secure platform using FHIR Questionnaire resources as the standard for storing PROs and patient responses. ProUp will help patients complete more PROs forms and the 1upHealth platform technology will enable seamless integrations with health system EHRs as the market for value based care matures to drive additional incentives reliant on patient generated data.

Designed for Patients

We will build the UX on forms tested across millions of users. State-of-the-art UX features will be incorporated into ProUp

  • Attention on one form at a time (note that later questions are dull)
  • PROs answers will be auto-completed if data exists from connected devices or medical data, answers can be overridden by the patient.
  • Questions automatically scroll once answered

Example Use Case

  1. Provider annotates patient’s chart with the name of the PROs form or CAT to be completed and directs patient to ProUp
  2. On ProUp Patient connects MU3 data via 1up APIs
  3. ProUp identifies the PROMIS forms requested by the doctor and lists them for the patient
  4. Patient completes the PROs forms requested

Upon completion Provider can integrate with 1up via HL7 feeds to receive write backs for the completed standardized forms as messages or integrate with the 1up API to pull data as FHIR Questionnaire responses.


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