Electronic Health Record Meaningful Use 3 Compliance

Meet Meaningful Use 3 and Pass ONC Certification

1upHealth enables Meaningful Use 3 Compliance for Electronic Health Records attesting to ONC's certification guidelines. There are two new criteria introduced in MU3 that 1upHealth can help your EHR roll out in a few months to meet the deadline. Similarly, 1upHealth also supports health plans in meeting CMS Patient Access Rule requirements as further detailed here.

  • Application Access to Common Clinical Data Set
    This means that patients using your EHR must be able to share their data with any application of their choice via a FHIR API interface. 1upHealth has an award winning FHIR API implementation that your EHR can use to fulfill this measure.
  • Implantable Device List
    This means that patients using your EHR must be able to see their implanted devices (like pacemakers) and transmit that information via the FHIR API interface as well. 1upHealth can help your org structure device data in a FHIR format and provide access via API.

Features of 1upHealth EHR MU3 Product

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Patient OAuth2 screen

1upHealth provides an authentication screen which you can display to your patient's to authorize access to apps. This OAuth2 authentication portal can be hosted on by organziation to ensure password security.

FHIR API for Application Access

The main new requirement under MU3 is that EHRs enable Application Access via a FHIR API to any app of the patient's choice. This means that applications must be able to query patient data using auth tokens

Admin Panel to Manage Application Tokens

1upHealth's FHIR API platform for EHRs provides a administration panel to view, authorize, and revoke access tokens to third party applications. This is a self service portal which your team can use to vet apps and ensure proper usage for organizations interested in building on your patient portal's FHIR APIs.
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Innovation Teams

1upHealth provides an API platform for developers to use connected patient data in apps. Your teams and applications can build on the 1upHealth platform using the FHIR standard to develop novel ways to empower patients and providers. Teams can integrated 1upHealth data in their apps in less than 1 hour.

Supported Data

1upHealth supports all the Meaningful Use 2 data elements. This includes patient demographics, labs, medications, observations, procedures, allergies, care team, and much more.

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