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Control Data

It all starts here where you bring data in, convert it to FHIR®, store it, and manage it from a central location with native applications in the cloud. With your data in a uniform and common format, you can then leverage it for a number of use cases.

The 1up Difference

1upHealth’s approach is unique in the market. We took the modern FHIR® format and made it better. Data conversion is faster and simpler. Privacy and governance are stronger. These processes are all managed seamlessly by a front-end console for approved users.



Our ingestion capability is a stand-out feature in the market. With the 1up platform, it’s easy to get data into FHIR, regardless of the original format. Our data mapping tool, Data Ingestion Mapping Administration (DIMA), allows non-technical users to efficiently map data to FHIR.

Users can define and apply mappings to sample data and immediately see results, which allows for iteration if necessary. Mappings are versioned and integrate directly with our ingestion pipelines. Our extract, transfer, and load (ETL) tools scale automatically and can ingest hundreds of thousands of FHIR® resources per minute.

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FHIR Server

Ingested data is stored in our proprietary FHIR® server, which also houses version history for each FHIR® resource. This is a valuable feature in the market because it enables you to see changes over time, collect an audit trail, and to access previous versions as needed. As part of our managed platform, the 1up FHIR® server also offers data recovery and automatic backups.

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Access and Consent Management

No other company has structured and protected access to health data with the level of granularity that 1up has. The privacy protections help ensure those with appropriate scopes of access can only obtain the data they have rights to use.

Our authorization server manages OAuth 2.0 security (credentials, authorization codes, access tokens, and scopes). This allows customers to enable access to internal and external apps at an individual, patient cohort, or full population level.

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The 1up console provides a simplified, front-end experience for approved users to manage and to interact with the data in our platform. This is where you control roles-based access to data, obtain operational reporting, and manage data ingestion.