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Compute Data

With your claims and clinical data uniform and consolidated in the 1upHealth FHIR-based platform, you are now able to compute on the data using a SQL adapter.

The 1up Difference

1up’s SQL interfaces are flexible enough to drive any downstream application or analysis in healthcare. Because claims and clinical data can be ingested and combined into the platform, you can apply analytics in a novel way that wasn’t previously possible. Analytical use cases are limitless, including risk adjustment, value-based-care calculations, government reporting, and models for ML/AI.



FHIR data requires special methods to prepare it for use with SQL-based tools. Our SQL on FHIR® application provides customers with the ability to convert FHIR into a form that is easily understood, searched, and analyzed by legacy applications in your existing IT stack. 

Your data team does not need to know how to program in FHIR. Our SQL on FHIR solution provides you the capability to apply the tools that your data teams are already familiar with using such as Microsoft’s Power BI® and Tableau®.

A full range of analytic use cases becomes available such as utilization management, quality measurement, network design, risk adjustment or event-driven needs.