Healthcare's Most Complete FHIR® Data Platform


1upHealth’s managed platform is built on the latest cloud and web technology with field-level privacy that only FHIR® provides. It is healthcare’s easiest way to get data in, interact with that data, and get data out. Our capabilities scale on demand regardless of whether they’re being used to retrieve a single patient encounter or to conduct a complex query across billions of resources. With the 1up platform as a foundation, you can then use our APIs for a wide range of use cases such as CMS compliance.

CMS Patient Access Rule

This app allows members to access their claims and encounter data, as well as a subset of their clinical data, through third- party apps of their choice.

CMS Payer-to-Payer Rule

Health plan members must be able to bring their clinical data with them as they transition to new plans. Payers offering government-sponsored health plans must be able to send and to receive such information in an electronic format. The data must also be maintained for future sharing with subsequent health plans.

Connect Data

We have gained industry trust to build the 1up Network of payers (claims) and providers (clinical). 

Population Level

API-based access to an EMR. Organizations with appropriate data use rights have the ability to aggregate population-level data. Customers can access the information on demand or through a regularly scheduled roster-based record pull.

Individual Basis

Patients are able to select from clinical endpoints to request and collect their data in real-time. The various data types then undergo an ingestion process to clean and consolidate that legacy data into a uniform FHIR® standard. 

Control Data

It all starts here at your data management center. You control how inbound data is ingested and converted into FHIR®. You control the scopes of access that align with the appropriate usage rights. You control the multiple access patterns (e.g. FHIR APIs, FHIR Bulk Data, and SQL®) to that data.


Ingest and transform legacy data formats such as CCDA and HL7 v2 as well as custom formats.

FHIR® Server

Store clinical and claims data as FHIR resources in our server, which in turn enables FHIR API access.


The 1up console provides a simplified, front-end experience for users to manage and interact with our platform. Use it to map data ingestion, view usage reports, or manage extraction frequency.

Patient Management

You control administration of patient data including roster management and consent authorization.

Compute Data

Much of healthcare “analytics” is based on decades-old tooling and systems. The current system is inadequate as the transformation of healthcare requires a new set of core technology and scalable data platforms to provide the foundation for better care and cost management across the system.

Analytics Framework

1up’s approach to analytics is to give you the ability to run your own analytics in a containerized environment or to use one of our pre-built modules.


SQL on FHIR enables customers to ask hard questions of their data and get rich answers. 1upHealth converts FHIR data to a SQL-compatible tabular format, which allows organizations to use the familiar tools like Power BI® and Tableau®.