Become an expert in your breast cancer.

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Know the details of your breast cancer (e.g. severity, recurrence, prognosis), as well as your treatment options (e.g. medications, types of surgical procedures). Nobody's breast cancer is the same. Yerbba explains what is unique about your cancer (e.g. stage, tumor mutations) and how that affects your treatment options. Yerbba gives you detailed information about each treatment options – explaining why a particular option is recommended for you (or not), its duration, frequency, side effects, etc. – so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Yerbba also lets you know which tests (e.g. genetic analyses, tumor mutations, x-ray imaging) and lifestyle actions (e.g. diet, dental cleaning, palliative) you should take to make the best out of your situation and improve your chances of a positive outcome for your treatment. Yerbba will help you understand the answer to these complicated questions in the most medically accurate way and with the latest evidence-based medical knowledge.