An oncology engagement platform for patients, clinicians and caregivers

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Vizlitics is a startup at the intersection of patient empowerment and clinician engagement. Beginning with cancer, Vizlitics has developed its first product called Cancer Insights. Cancer Insights is a bi-directional oncology engagement platform for clinicians, patients and caregivers. The HIPAA platform is delivered as an iOS and Android App for clinicians to have a intelligent visual cross-hospital case summary of the patient, organize a multi-disciplinary tumor board, develop an optimal treatment plan, engage with clinicians and collaborate with the patient for optimal treatment planning. Clinicians can also engage in patient self-assessment and ePRO assessments with the patients. Patients using the Cancer Insights have access to their complete medical history, upcoming appointments and tailored educational content. Cancer Insights streamlines patient engagement, reduces clinician burden, improves outcomes and creates new digital revenue opportunity for hospitals.