Aprima EHR Integration

1upHealth supports direct EHR connectivity for read and write access to the Aprima EHR as a FHIR API for healthcare data. Aprima was founded in 1998 as a health technology company and has furthered its mission of improving quality in healthcare since its inception. More than 12 million Americans’ medical records are stored on Aprima software, and over 98 percent of Aprima’s customers have remained with the company over the last decade. Aprima is one of the fastest growing EHR companies, and it was rated number one in Small Practice Ambulatory EHR software by KLAS in 2018. 1upHealth supports data access to Aprima, and developers connected to the 1upHealth FHIR API can access medical data from Aprima’s vast network and begin connecting their apps.

We integrate directly with any clinic, hospital, or health system that uses the Aprima EHR via FHIR APIs, Aprima's own APIs, or HL7 feeds. Regardless of the source, all our data is canonicalized to the FHIR standard and made available through the 1up platform which you can read more about in our healthcare API platform documentation.

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Website: Aprima
Twitter: @AprimaMedEHR

City: Richardson
State: Texas