October 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Feature Enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

1up's platform enables an end to end FHIR® API enabled enterprise data warehouse which combines internal and external data. You can work with any structured data and enable consistent APIs and Data Analytics infrastructure via common open standards. Learn more here.

Fix Add support for _include=* for extensions

Our _include=* search parameter now properly includes references from extension.valueReference attributes added to a resources. See here for more information on _include
For example, now a search like /r4/PractitionerRole?_include=* will return Organization Resources that reference the PractitionerRole resource via the network extension. For example the include=* will now return the Organization/12345 based on this PractitionerRole resource snippet:
"extension" : [
"url" : "",
"valueReference" : {
"reference" : "Organization/12345"

Feature Additional Security Scanning Automation

We have improved our security scanning processes, by creating an automation for our Veracode Static Scanning that happens every time there is a release candidate.


Feature New Endpoints Added to 1up FHIR Endpoint Directory

We've added more health plans to our endpoint directory, which includes health plans (payers), health systems (providers), and other FHIR® API connections. To access the 1up FHIR endpoint directory, visit here.
The health plans we've added this month:
Health Plan Name
UPMC Health Plan
Independence Blue Cross
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
United Healthcare
Devoted Health
Peoples Health
Sierra Health and Life
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Blue Cross of Idaho
Health Plan of San Joaquin
Health Alliance (7 brands)

Patient Authorized API

Fix Patient App To Display Patient Test Accounts

Reported error when using the Cerner and Medicare test accounts has been resolved and synthetic data can now be accessed.
For a list to all of the EHR FHIR test accounts:

Fix Patient App Login Screen

Issues with logging in to the 1upHealth patient app have been resolved.
Patients can use the 1upHealth app for free. Many health plans also use our 1upHealth patient application as a starting point for a member-facing application, or to enhance their existing applications in line with CMS Patient Access Rule compliance. See here for more information on how 1upHealth supports 21st Century Cures Act CMS requirements.


Feature Overview of 1upHealth technology architecture

Learn about the high level architecture of 1upHealth technology and how the 1up FHIR API platform can support a multitude of use cases. Visit here.
Our product suite enables Health plans to choose one module or a fully integrated solution to cover all CMS requirements.

Feature 1up wins UCSF in New EHR Advance Category

With our secure cloud-based platform, which is a serverless solution that simplifies connectivity, integration, and automation, we won the 2021 UCSF Health Awards for the New EHR Advance category! Check out the grand finale video.