October 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

Patient Authorized API

Feature Health History🌟

We launched a new web app that allows for an easy way to access our FHIR APIs from the 10K health systems we're connected to. You can use this flow to help patients instantly connect/share access to their electronic medical records. Read more.

Feature Provider Search UI🌟

The Provider Search UI is a feature that can incorporate the unified single search function into your application. Implement it now!
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" -X POST "" | json_pp

Fix Quick Connect Updates For Epic

The white label flow is applicable for only the Epic EHR. Epic has enabled us with the ability to create a private-labelled OAuth2 specifically for you and your application.

Fix Kaiser Permanente Data Authorization

Kaiser Permanente's authorization page is accessible via Connect but the data was not transferring. The issue has been resolved, and you are now able to pull the data resources (DSTU2).

Feature Patient App - Ability To Remove R4 Data

We added the ability to delete all patient FHIR R4 data from specific health system connection in 1upHealth patient application.
🤷‍♀️To learn how you can DELETE any FHIR resource or version from the FHIR _historyendpoint, visit here.

FHIR API Platform

Feature Auto Refresh🌟

Auto Refresh provides the ability for a patient to authorize their data to be shared with your application via 1upHealth on a recurring vs a one-time basis. Learn more: [TBD for the link].

Fix Added a FHIR resource to the $everything Response

The missing MedicationOrder FHIR resource is now part of the $everything response. To query everything simply hit this endpoint with the patient's ID, FHIR version type (dstu2/stu3/r4) and their bearer access token.
curl -X GET '{fhirVersion}/Patient/{patient_id}/$everything' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer accesstokenaccesstoken"

Feature CCDA to FHIR Parser

You can now use 1upHealth FHIR APIs to parse C-CDAs into FHIR resources.

Feature CCDA to FHIR Processor

Implemented CCDA to FHIR capabilities in a 1up processor to build into ETL processes and transform CCDAs to FHIR in bulk (in addition to via APIs above). Try it out now!****
"message": "got ccda fhir resource list without body entry"


Feature OpenID Connect🌟

Added support for OpenID Connect to our authorization server for the CMS Patient Access Mandate. See here for more details.
🔍See how 1upHealth can support CMS Patient Access requirements **[here*](\***