May 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Feature FHIR R4 Support Released 🌟

In advance of HL7 May 2020 Virtual HL7 FHIR Connectathon we released our release supporting FHIR version Release 4 (R4) for all ResourceTypes.

Feature FHIR Delete Everything for DSTU2 and STU3

Added FHIR delete everything query support for DSTU2 and STU3. See here for details.
To query everything simply hit this endpoint with the patient's id, fhir version type (dstu2/stu3/r4) and their bearer access token.
curl -X DELETE '{fhirVersion}/Patient/{patient_id}/$everything' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer accesstokenaccesstoken"

Fix Fixed /metadata endpoints

Removed auth requirements for /metadata FHIR API endpoints for DSTU2, STU3, R4.

Fix Added DocumentReference and Binary to CCDA to FHIR

Added ability to extract DocumentReference and Binary resources to CCDA to FHIR conversion capability.


Feature End to End CMS Patient Access Rule Demo 🌟

Enabled demo flow for synthetic members to authorize health plan data be ingested into the 1upHealth patient app.
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