May 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Feature Website Rebranding

We've updated our website and made it easier to learn more about the various use cases we support, like CMS requirements for health plans, direct to EHR integration, patience facing elements like clinical trial recruitment, life insurance, and more. You can also check out our developer docs and implement our FHIR API platform as part of your product. Check it out:

Fix $everything Documentation Update

Documentation update made to FHIR $everything page. Please note that the $everything request endpoint should be case insensitive.

Fix Update To Reference Docs Associated With Bulk Data Export API

Documentation update made to reflect that:
(1) a valid access token is required to access the contents of this file, and since an access token is required (2) reference doc should also mention that a browser cannot be used for invoking this api.
Several new applications have now been added to the 1upHealth FHIR App Gallery. Click here to learn more!

Feature 1up App Now Part of Epic App Orchard

1up Connector App is now part of the Epic AppOrchard. The app produces insights by incorporating payer claims data with the patient medical record. Check it out.

Patient API

Feature Released Health System Monitoring

You can now access logging and monitoring for requests to other FHIR endpoints and search for details on a particular patient endpoint.


Feature Access our Payer Endpoint Sandbox

1upHealth will be supporting FHIR R4 data from 100s of Health Plans (Health Insurance Companies) like Aetna, Cigna, etc. This is a massive opportunity to build applications on Claims, Financial, and Clinical data that will become available for millions of new patient / member connections.
To access the sandbox and connect to payer data:
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