March 2022

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platfrom

Feature Product Launch

It’s no secret that data interoperability has transformed every other industry from travel to retail, and now it’s healthcare’s turn. Healthcare data is messy, proprietary, difficult to access, and often in paper form. This results in higher costs, suboptimal outcomes, and a disappointing experience. In the US alone we spend 5x more on healthcare than any other developed nation, yet we don’t even have better life expectancy to show for it. It’s time to change things for the better.
Check out all of the exiting products we have as part of our FHIR API Platform.


Feature New Endpoint Added to 1up FHIR Endpoint Directory

We've added more health plans to our endpoint directory, which includes health plans (payers), health systems (providers), and other FHIR® API connections. The health plans we've added this month: Medical Mutual of Ohio

Feature Demo Health Plan Sandbox Testing Credentials

As a developer on 1upHealth, you can connect your application to data from multiple health systems. All you need to do is direct your users via the 1upHealth connect API and have them OAuth via their patient portal credentials.
For testing purposes EHR vendors have made these test username and passwords available. In our application, the demo connection health systems will be accompanied by the text (demo)
Did you know 1upHealth supports FHIR R4 data from 100s of Health Plans (Health Insurance Companies) like Aetna, Cigna, etc. This is a massive opportunity to build applications on Claims, Financial, and Clinical data that will become available for millions of new patient / member connections. Learn more here!


Feature Dr. Don Rucker Discusses the Power of FHIR at HIMSS 22

While attending HIMSS 22 last week in Orlando, 1upHealth’s Chief Strategy Officer and Former ONC Chief, Dr. Don Rucker, sat down with Healthcare IT News to discuss the power of FHIR® and how 1upHealth is leveraging it to help transform the healthcare industry. As Dr. Rucker expressed in his interview, the ability to represent data uniformly is arguably a bigger win than the ability to transmit it – and FHIR® will be a key way of doing so. Read more.

Feature 1upHealth CEO discusses plans for healthcare interoperability at ViVE 2022

1upHealth's CEO, Joe Gagnon, was recently interviewed by Matthew Holt of The Health Care Blog while at ViVE 2022 discussing all of the exciting plans for FHIR interoperability. Read more.
This is the first time we actually have clinical and claims in one data model, in one repository. You're now able to run both claims analytics or population level analytics against it, so that what you're starting to do with this current, timely, comprehensive data is get better outcomes - said Joe Gagnon

Feature 1upHealth CEO, Joe Gagnon, and CSO, Dr. Don Rucker, speak at the HIMSS 22

Speaking at the session "FHIR® is the Future of Healthcare, But Payers Need More" at HIMSS22 in Orlando, 1upHealth Chief Strategy Office, Dr. Don Rucker said that while healthcare has traditionally had its own standards when it comes to data and data exchange, FHIR® was built on the standards of the internet, and so for the first time, those in the industry get to use the tools of the broader economy, "which, if you're a computer nerd, is very exciting," he said. Read more.