March 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Several new applications have now been added to the 1upHealth FHIR App Gallery. Click here to learn more!
Want to be listed in our FHIR App Gallery? Submit an application here.

FHIR API Platform

Feature :contains Search Modifier

We now support the :contains modifier for FHIR API searches in R4. The modifier returns results that include the supplied parameter value anywhere within the field being searched.
For example the search [base]/Patient?given:contains=eve would return Patient resources with name Eve, Evelyn, Severine, etc. see more info here.

Fix Dev Console

Reported issues logging into the developer console have been resolved.
Interested in trying our FHIR APIs? Check out our sandbox environment here.

Feature Added Checkly To Developer Console

Checkout our FHIR API dashboard to see API status which is now directly linked to your developer console account

Direct to EHR API

Fix Appointment resource validation bug in STU3

Date fields in the appointment resource in STU3 failures have been resolved. For a list of supported FHIR resources (DSTU2, STU3), visit here.

Patient Authorized API

We launched a dashboard to monitor our API status (uptime), response times for several key APIs on our server at

Feature Humana Featuring the 1up Patient App

Humana is now integrating with external applications and websites to enable patients to take control of their health data and has featured the 1upHealth Patient App. Read more!