June 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Fix Enhanced Serverless Authorization Server for OAuth 2.0 flow

Improved scalability of authorization server through serverless deployment and configuration of OAuth 2 server.

Fix Fixed R4 /metadata endpoint

Fixed the FHIR R4 open /r4/metadata endpoint

Fix Added additional FHIR R4 Search Support

Added support for API searches for CMS Patient Access Rule including for ExplanationOfBenefit, Coverage, Patient resources.

Fix FHIR Version History for R4

Added ability to track and store history of versions of FHIR R4 resources on 1upHealth platform.

Feature Support for CPCDS CSV to FHIR 🌟

Added ability to ingest a CSV template based on CARIN Blue Button CPCDS and transform to FHIR resources. See more details here.


Feature Email-based Authentication for CMS Rule 🌟

Enabled workflow for members to authorize health plan data be ingested into the 1upHealth patient app via a code sent to their email.
See how 1upHealth can support CMS Patient Access Rule Jan 2021 requirements here.

Feature Support for Delegate Access

Added support for members to authorize data for a delegate user (e.g., parent on behalf of child, legal power of attorney, etc.) in 1upHealth Member Consent App. See more detail here.
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