July 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Feature _count query parameter for the $everything query 🌟

We implemented the _count query where users can increase the response payload to max 100 resources. This functionality is for the $everything query.

Fix R4 _skip and _count parameters

A fix has been implemented for the r4 _skip and _count parameters. This enables returns all matching FHIR resources for a resource type (default is 10 resources per page). Read more here!

Fix Deleting a resource returns status code 201

On deleting a resource on all the three API versions returns a status code 201 and status text "created". The status code has been updated to 200 and status text will state "deleted".
◀ For information on how to delete a FHIR resource, visit here.

Fix CCDA > ClinicalImpression FHIR Resource

Added ability to extract ClinicalImpression FHIR resources from CCDAs in CCDA to FHIR conversion capability.

Patient Authorized API

Fix Patient App R4 Support

Added support for FHIR R4 to 1upHealth Patient Application.

Fix Patient App Delete All Data

Added ability to delete all patient FHIR DSTU2 or STU3 data from specific health system connection in 1up patient application.
📦For a list of accessible data via connected health system, visit here.

Fix Updates to CMS Medicare Blue Button 2.0 Connection

Fixed ability to import CMS Medicare from Blue Button 2.0 FHIR endpoints after patient authorizes with credentials.


Fix Added document _content query param to our website

Query section, and document _content query param have been added to: Rest API Reference