July 2022

We've got some exciting things released this month! *cue the 🎉 please*

Data Analytics

Feature SQL on FHIR

1upHealth has launched SQL on FHIR, 1up’s offering for clients to ask hard questions about their data and receive rich answers to make informed decisions. SQL on FHIR converts FHIR data into a standard tabular format, allowing for the creation of performant SQL queries over the client’s entire interlinked FHIR dataset.

FHIR API Platform

Feature FHIR API Purge (BETA)

1upHeath has added an endpoint to our FHIR servers to delete resources under an authorized 1up userID. Users have the option to choose to delete ALL resources or target specific ones using _type and _before parameters.

Patient Authorized API

Feature Health History for Payer-to-Payer

1upHeath has launched Health History for Payer-to-Payer, 1up’s offering for health plans to meet the payer-to-payer data exchange requirements. Health History for Payer-to-Payer is a configurable, front-end solution that allows active members to request clinical data from former plans and for their current plan to ingest their data in the FHIR format.
Reach out to your Customer Success representative to learn more about our payer-to-payer offering, implementation timelines, and and how you can get ahead of your compliance needs!