July 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Feature Successful Go Live! Meeting the CMS FHIR® Mandates

Our team, in collaboration with our health plan partners, went live July 1st with dozens of health plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated that health plans offering government-sponsored plans begin using FHIR by July 1, 2021, with two application programming interfaces (API). This means that health plans and app developers can now better enable telehealth, remote patient monitoring, population health analytics, smart apps, and genomic research so that consumers can live longer, healthier lives. Read more:
Interested to learn how we support requirements for CMS Interoperability and Patient Access for Health Plans? Visit:

Direct to EHR API

Feature SMART Health App

SMART Health IT Apps enable a custom view natively in the EHR, supported via EHR App Galleries. They can accept any external data, but do not flow into other EHR screens. The 1upHealth Provider App works with the top EHRs. For the demo:

Patient API

Fix Patient App to Send an Email When Creating a New Password

Our patient app is a free, secure platform that aggregates all your electronic health and claims information. We can also use our 1upHealth patient application as a starting point for health plans looking for a member-facing application, or to enhance their existing applications in line with CMS Patient Access Rule compliance. See here for more information on how 1upHealth supports 21st Century Cures Act CMS requirements.

Fix Patient App Password Reset

We have made a fix to enable users to reset their passwords, and received an automated email with instructions on how to do so.

FHIR API Platform

Feature Developer Console Provider Status Tracking

If you're interested in the details of particular patient endpoint, you can now track the status via the developer console, in the API status tab.

Fix Developer Console Production Form

In our developer console, we have made a fix for apps interested in going live in our production environment.

Fix Developer Console Email

When a user creates an account on the 1upHealth developer console, an automatic email will be generated to confirm account creation.
Interested to try out our free sandbox environment and test out our FHIR APIs? Visit here:


Feature We'll be attending HIMSS Aug. 9-13 in Las Vegas

Let’s talk FHIR APIs. Let’s talk data. Join us at booth 3269 to learn more about how the 1upHealth FHIR Platform is helping healthcare companies transform old, outdated data into a modern infrastructure that can combine multiple data sources to build compliance, health apps, and analytics. Schedule a meeting:
The 1upHealth App Gallery is a central home for FHIR interoperable apps. We're excited to add:
  • Truentity Health
  • Health Picture
  • EMR Connecthub
  • Patient Data Retrieval (Makeen)
  • OneRecord
To visit or add your app to our FHIR App Gallery:

Feature 1upHealth's Public Repository of Sample Data

This is just a repository to put sample data for different purposes The structure will evolve. For now, simply place new sample data in a well named directory. The data can be JSON bundles or ndjson files. We've made tweaks on EOBs in the Carin BB test suite ba15270. Check it out: