January 2022

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Feature Payer to Payer Data Exchange

CMS requires health plans to enable payer to payer data exchange for their former members with up to 5 years of historical data. 1upHealth supports both the ability to comply with the regulations and to leverage the newly available clinical and claims data from other health plans. Use 1upHealth's Payer to Payer product to meet the regulations, request & ingest data from other payers, and store it in the computable FHIR® standard.
Payer to Payer Data Exchange
Use 1up to meet the regs, request data from other payers, and ingest it in the computable FHIR® standard
1upHealth Supported Health Systems
This is a list of all the health plans (payers), health systems (providers), and other FHIR API connections available at 1upHealth

Feature New Endpoints Added to 1up FHIR Endpoint Directory

We've added more systems to our endpoint directory, which includes health plans (payers), health systems (providers), and other FHIR® API connections. To access the 1up FHIR endpoint directory, visit here.
The health plans we've added this month: Medical Mutual of Ohio

Feature Overview of CMS Price Transparency, Surprise Billing, and Patient Access

Learn and keep up to date on the CMS regulations regarding Price Transparency, Surprise Billing, and Patient Access.
Interested to learn about 1upHealth's compliance solutions? Contact us here:

FHIR API Platform

Feature Our Network of 10,000+ Connected Providers

We're continuously growing our network of connected payer and provider endpoints. We've recently updated our map to show you all of the connected hospitals that are part of our FHIR API platform. Check it out!

Fix Vertical Bar | searches

Due to changes to how Amazon API Gateway processes special characters against REST, FHIR Search no longer supports plain text pipe character (|) for any GET request URL query string, and therefore must be URL-encoded.
When using FHIR search syntax, for example, on a Patient.identifier, the user should specify the search with %7C:

Feature FHIR R4 $everything Search Parameters

For FHIR R4 only we support the following search parameters:
  • _type
  • _since
  • start
  • since
For more descriptions of how to implement this as well as examples, visit:

Feature Delete $everything (beta)

1upHealth has added functionality to allow you to bulk delete all FHIR resources at once rather than making a delete request for each unique resource type. You can delete all FHIR resources, and all patient data maintained therein, by making a DELETE request to the FHIR delete endpoint. Read more here.

Patient Authorized API

Fix Added Support for OAuth2.0 with PKCE

We added support for OAuth 2.0 with Proof Key for Code Exchange(PKCE) to the 1upHealth Patient Application. Such changes were implemented in accordance to the HL7 Smart App Launch IG (v1.1.0)( draft recommending that all SMART apps should support PKCE.

Fix Connectivity to Emory Health

App developers reported issues connecting to Emory Health, a Cerner EHR. This bug has been resolved.
Monitor Hospital Connection Status, linked directly to the 1upHealth Developer Console

Fix Update to Milford Regional

Milford Regional Medical Center has migrated from Meditech MG to Meditech Expanse. We updated our endpoint directory accordingly.


Feature 1upHealth featured in Health Data Management article discussing TEFCA requirements

1upHealth’s Chief of Strategy Officer and former Head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Don Rucker, MD, was recently featured in a Health Data Management article on this week’s release of the final draft of the Common Agreement and related attachments in support of the ONC's Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) initiatives. Read more here.

Feature Built In Honors 1upHealth in Its Esteemed 2022 Best Places To Work Awards

Built In, a platform for technology professionals, today announced that 1upHealth was honored in its 2022 Best Places To Work Awards. Specifically, 1upHealth earned a place on the "Best Small Employer" and "Best Paying Employer" lists, respectively. The annual awards program includes companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level corporations, and honors both remote-first employers, as well as companies in the eight largest tech markets across the U.S
“1upHealth’s mission to radically simplify healthcare data would not be possible without our dedicated employees. I’m honored that we are being recognized as a top company to work at, and I’m personally inspired by the impact that 1upHealth employees are making on healthcare interoperability,” - said Joe Gagnon, CEO of 1upHealth.
Interested to work at 1upHealth? Check out our job openings: