January 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

🌟Feature New Pipe | Parameter API Search Support

You can now enter either the system OR the code value in API searches for certain FHIR resource attributes.
GET [base]/ResourceType?code=[system]|[code]
For example GET [base]/MedicationKnowledge?code=[system]|[code]
  • If you search for the system value (e.g., in the search , it will check MedicationKnowledge.code.coding.system.
  • And if you search for the code value in the search e.g. 1049640, it will check the MedicationKnowledge.code.coding.code

🌟 Feature Monitoring 1upHealth APIs

We launched a new dashboard to monitor our API status (uptime), response times for several key APIs on our server at

Fix Dev Console - Redirect

When a user access , it will now be redirecting to the correct page,

Fix Dev Console - Authentication

Customers were having issues signing up for a new account and/or signing in. When a new user would sign up, they would see error This email address is already registeredin attempting to sign up. This has now been resolved.

Feature Sandbox Test Data Verification

Created script(s) to Authorize data from each sandbox account and verify what resources exist for each patient.
🏝Interested to try out our sandbox and see what it's like working with our FHIR APIs? Visit here.

🌟Feature Postman collection for Formulary and Pharmacy Directory APIs

We've added to our Postman collection the Formulary and Pharmacy Directory API queries. Try it out!
📯After you create a 1upHealth Account and your first application (following the steps in our Quick Start Guide here), you will have your application's client_id and client_secret. Using those, you can try the 1upHealth APIs via Postman by downloading the collection

Patient Authorized API

Fix Patient App 404 Error

Reported 404 error when users are utilizing the 1upHealth Patient App has been resolved.
☑We can also use our 1upHealth patient application as a starting point for health plans looking for a member-facing application, or to enhance their existing applications in line with CMS Patient Access Rule compliance. See here for more information on how 1upHealth supports 21st Century Cures Act CMS requirements.