February 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Fix Fix _count query Parameter Support

The _count query parameter enables users to modify the number of resources in each page of the response bundle. The maximum number is 100 resources. e.g., /dstu2/Patient/?_count=100.

Fix 1upHealth API Postman Collection

Added Postman Collection for user management and sample FHIR APIs. See here for more details.

Feature Basic Auth Support for Import 🌟

Added ability to import health system data using Basic Authentication (e.g., with user credentials at Epic provider).

Feature Created Synthetic 1000 Test Patient Dataset 🌟

The data is in FHIR DSTU2 format, with 1000 patients, and 750,000 total synthetic FHIR resources which will include the same resources as those listed on our website here. Available upon request for testing with.
Use cases Numerous use cases for bulk electronic health data transfer and analytics can be supported. Many examples solve or improve upon existing needs using a standards based approach and others will unlock the future of healthcare.
  • Population health analytics for managing risk or risk adjustments
  • Reporting on quality and costs
  • Multi EHR or data ware house integrations
  • Automating reporting for audits or other partners
  • Anonymized research data sets for public health
  • Public health surveillance
  • Network referrals and leakage analysis
  • Calculating HEDIS measures
  • Extracting features for machine learning models and, one day, decisions made by artificial intelligent doctor agents