December 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Feature New Endpoints Added to 1up FHIR Endpoint Directory

We've added more health plans to our endpoint directory, which includes health plans (payers), health systems (providers), and other FHIR® API connections. To access the 1up FHIR endpoint directory, visit here.
The health plans we've added this month:
Health Plans Name
AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware
AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia
AmeriHealth Caritas Florida
AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana
AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire
AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina
AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania
AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Community Health Choices
AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care
AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care Plus
Blue Cross Complete of Michigan
First Choice VIP Care Plus
Keystone First
Keystone First Community Health Choices
Keystone First VIP Choice
Select Health of South Carolina

Feature CMS Rule Pages Index

To make it easier for you, we're re-publishing regulatory content published by HHS in the Federal Register. The following content is public and is in no way owned by, or proprietary to, 1upHealth. Learn more here.
Check out how 1upHealth is supporting CMS Compliance:

FHIR API Platform

Feature FHIR Enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

1up's platform enables an end to end FHIR® API enabled enterprise data warehouse which combines internal and external data. You can work with any structured data and enable consistent APIs and Data Analytics infrastructure via common open standards. Scope of access can stay locked down to support your organizations data governance policies under one umbrella. Finally internal, external, and interoperability apps can integrate with this common platform. Learn more here.
Centralize Data, Governance, and Access

Feature _include & _revinclude (R4 only)

The _include and _revinclude parameters request that the search results include additional resources ("included resources") related to the resources directly matching the query ("primary results"). Using these parameters is more efficient than making a series of requests to retrieve these additional resources separately.
Some examples include:
  • MedicationRequest?_include=MedicationRequest:subject searches over MedicationRequest resources, and for each resource returned also returns the target of the subject reference which might be a Group or Patient as defined in the FHIR specification.
  • MedicationRequest?_include=MedicationRequest:subject:Patient is similar but only returns subject references to Patient resources.
  • MedicationRequest?_revinclude=Provenance:target searches over MedicationRequest resources, and for each resource returned also returns any Provenance resources where the target reference on Provenance refers to the matching resource.

Feature HL7/Carin BB Updates To Our Sample Data Repository

1upHealth has a repository to put sample data for different purposes The structure will evolve. For now, simply place new sample data in a well named directory. The data can be JSON bundles or ndjson files. We've recently made updates to latest HL7/carin-bb/input/examples. Check it out here.
To visit the 1upHealth Public Data Repository:

Fix Security Bug Identified for Log4j

A flaw in Log4j, a Java library for logging error messages in applications, has been identified as containing a security vulnerability. The 1upHealth security team conducted a thorough analysis and determined that the overall risk for 1upHealth and our customers is minimal. Our serverless infrastructure is secured with a private network and not publicly accessible which reduces the surface area for attacks. Additionally, 1upHealth is not actively using the Log4j library in our FHIR platform or in our public endpoints. The Log4j library is in the process of being removed out of an abundance of caution.
For 1upHealth Support Updates:

Fix User Management API Not Creating a ClientID

User management is central to 1upHealth's APIs. These endpoints allow you to create users, and manage their permissions and data. We've identified a fix for the User Management reported 500 error. To learn more about our User Management API:

Patient Authorized API

Feature We've updated our Patient App Privacy Policy and TOS

1upHealth Patient App is a free, secure platform that aggregates all your electronic health and claims information. Our technology utilizes standardized health data formats to automatically update and store your health information. We've recently updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the use of the application. Check out the app here.


The 1upHealth App Gallery is a central place for all of the FHIR-enabled applications on our FHIR API platform. This month we've had several apps connect to our payer data, where they are now able to display your patients claims and benefits data, all in one place.
Interested in being listed in the 1upHealth FHIR app gallery, or check out all the apps?

Feature BostInno Names 1upHealth as a 2021 Startup on Fire

We're flattered to be selected by BostInno as one of the startups to look out for out of the many organization that have applied. Looking forward to continue the work in the new year! Read more here.

Feature 1upHealth Named an Innovative Digital Health Startup by CB Insights

The Digital Health 150 is CB Insights' annual ranking of the 150 most promising digital health startups in the world, and we're honored to have made the list from a pool of over 11,000 companies, including applicants and nominees. Read more here.