December 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

Patient Authorized API

Feature New Patient App 🌟

We've updated our Patient App to a new view, where patients are able to search for the hospitals they have their medical records stored in, and view their medical history in a timeline view. We can also use our 1upHealth patient application as a starting point for health plans looking for a member-facing application, or to enhance their existing applications in line with CMS Patient Access Rule compliance.

Feature Clareto & 1upHealth Partnership: Expanding Access to EHR Data 🌟

We're excited to announce our partnership with Clareto, an innovator in acquiring electronic health data for insurance underwriting and claims processes where 1upHealth is further adding to Clareto's network, providing access to more than 10,000 health systems and 280 million patients across the United States. Read more.

FHIR API Platform

Feature Postman collection for Formulary and Pharmacy Directory APIs

We have added new APIs for our Postman collection, that you can download and try today. Check it out!

Feature Sandbox Test Data Verification

Creating script(s) to Authorize data from each sandbox account and verify what resources exist for each patient.
🔥Interested to try our our FHIR APIs? Checkout our free sandbox.

Fix Developer Console

500 error to the developer console URL has been resolved.

Fix 502 Error St. Lucas

Error when trying to connect to San Lucas Medical Center. Connection not successful when trying to connect via Connect API and also when trying to connect using Patient App, is now resolved.

Feature make _profile Search Case Insensitive

We've updated the search case sensitivity for make_profile

FeatureeCW providers are now on STU3

All providers part of the eClinicalWorks network have been updated to the FHIR Specification (v3.0.2: STU 3).
🏥 For all of the data that is accessible via connected health systems, visit here.