April 2020

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*

FHIR API Platform

Feature OpenID Support 🌟

When requesting for an access token, if id_token is included in the payload we will generate and return one. For me, see Generate Access Token in here.

Feature Support JDBC/ODBC Connectivity

Data Pipeline supports views to unnest FHIR resources and connect to downstream BI/visualization tools like Amazon Quicksight. See here for more details.
This enables a number of population health use cases including:
  • Quality Measure Reporting (e.g., HEDIS, Stars)
  • Risk Stratification
  • Gaps in Care identification

Patient Authorized API

Feature Initial Life Insurance Patient Mediated Use Case 🌟

We partnered with MassMutual to provide an easier way to obtain clinical EHR records for life insurance attestation. See more information here.
"This pandemic caused several challenges on how we support and service our customers, including our ability to easily underwrite and provide insurance coverage that customers need, especially in times like this. Our engagement with 1upHealth allows us to deliver on our commitments."
-said Mike Fanning, Head of MassMutual US.


Feature CMS Rule Support

Updated 1upHealth platform to address CMS Interoperability and Patient Access mandate requirements. See more information here.
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