April 2021

We've got some exciting things released this month! *queue the 🎉 please*


Feature Our FHIR APIs support _include

Our FHIR R4 APIs now support _include search queries to retrieve not only the specific resource, but also the resources referenced within that FHIR resource. Using this is more efficient than making a series of requests to retrieve these additional resources separately. For example, when your app is searching on a clinical resource, but for every such resource returned, you also need the subject (patient) resource that the clinical resource refers to. You can use the _include parameter to indicate that the subject resources be included in the results.
Each _include parameter specifies a search parameter to join on. This example search requests all matching MedicationRequests, to include any patient that the medication prescriptions in the result set refer to.
GET [base]/r4/MedicationRequest?_include=MedicationRequest:patient
You can also use include=* to include all referenced resources regardless of Resource
Both _include and _revinclude use the wild card "*" for the search parameter name, indicating that any search parameter of type=reference be included.

Feature Our FHIR APIs support _revinclude

Similarly, our FHIR R4 APIs now also support _revinclude search queries
This supports your app being able to fetch a particular resource, and any resources that refer to it. For example, the client may wish to fetch a MedicationRequest, and any provenance resources that refer to the prescription. This is known as a reverse include, and is specified by providing a _revinclude parameter.
This search requests all matching prescriptions, return all the provenance resources that refer to them:
GET [base]/r4/MedicationRequest?_revinclude=Provenance:target

Patient Authorized API

Feature We've updated our Android Patient App

Get patient data in minutes. 1upHealth has the largest network of health systems for patient mediated access. Share data with your providers & researchers electronically so you can spend less time managing your health and more time living life. Download on Android today!

Feature Launch of onDemand Import

The OnDemand Import enables a customer to refresh patient data from health system backends. The patient to update can be identified based on unique identifier or demographics search. Learn more here.​
Authorization is required for this service. Work with your 1upHealth contact for this. For development, please utilize URL considerations - For managed deployment customers, the base url may be different


Feature 1upHealth Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding!

We’re proud to share that we've has raised a $25 million Series B led by F-Prime Capital. Our existing investors, Jackson Square Ventures (which led our Series A), Eniac Ventures, and Social Leverage also participated. The infusion of capital will help us grow and evolve our FHIR connectivity & compute platform that’s already used by dozens of health plans, providers, app developers, and pharma companies. Read more. ​

Feature Open API Swagger

1upHealth provides a common RESTful API across 10,000+ health centers with more added each month. To view our interactive, Open API Swagger documentation and try out our APIs, please visit here.
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