What's New

Check out all of the new Features and Fixes we're updating and releasing for our FHIR API Platform. Have any questions? Contact us!

Patient Authorized API

Patients are able to authorize access to any 3rd party app of their choice (as mediated by the ONC 21st Century Cures Act). With 1upHealth, you can access 280 million patients using our award winning FHIR platform. Visit here to learn about our Patient Authorized APIs.

Direct to EHR API

Integrate directly with health systems across all top EHRs to receive data from a single FHIR® endpoint for your entire member population. Visit here to learn about our Direct to EHR APIs.


1upHealth provides a fully managed solution to cover all new CMS mandates. Our customers, including plans with millions of members, are already in production with 1up’s HHS award-winning API platform. Visit here to learn about our CMS Rule APIs.

FHIR API Platform

Our entire Built on FHIR stack is deployed using serverless architecture benefiting from the horizontally scalable technology of the cloud. Visit here to learn about our FHIR API Platform.

Data Analytics

Enabling customers to ask the hard questions of their data but getting rich answers in return. Visit here to learn about our data analytics offerings.