FHIR Test Credentials

As a developer on 1upHealth, you can connect your application to data from multiple health systems. All you need to do is direct your users via the 1upHealth connect API and have them OAuth via their patient portal credentials.

For testing purposes EHR vendors have made these test username and passwords available. In our application, the demo connection health systems will be accompanied by the text (demo)

Test credentials for Demo EHRs are not working ? The test accounts in EHR Sandboxes are provided and maintained by the major EHR vendors. The availability of these accounts is not guaranteed by them. We monitor the status and work with the EHRs to restore these accounts at the earliest possible time.


Currently unable to connect to Allscripts test environments other than EHR ID 32

Test Allscripts Touchworks 20.0 AHC EHR ID: 4710

[email protected] / Allscripts#1

Test Allscripts Sunrise 18.4 AHC EHR ID: 31

[email protected] / Allscripts#1

Test Allscripts Professional 20.1 FMH EHR ID: 32

donna.dobson_prounityfhir / Allscripts#1


Test Cerner EHR ID: 4707

wilmasmart / Cerner01

joesmart1 / Cerner01

nancysmart / Cerner01

valeriesmart1 / Cerner01

fredricksmart / Cerner01

timmysmart / Cerner01

haileysmart / Cerner01

timApeters / Cerner01


Test Epic EHR ID: 4706

fhirjason / epicepic1

fhirdaisy / epicepic1


Test Medicare EHR ID: 4748

BBUser29999 / PW29999!


Test eCW EHR ID: 11035

Currently eCW is rebuilding their test sandbox. We should have new credentials soon.

If you have not already created a developer account here's the link to sign up free.