FHIR Server
1upHealth enables you to create and deploy a FHIR server in minutes while benefiting from the scalability of serverless architecture built by experts in the cloud.
As we surveyed available options for FHIR servers we did not find them to be performant for over 100,000 patients. This, coupled with the fact that we don’t believe the future will be deploying FHIR servers on machines on premises, led us to create our own cloud based HIPAA-compliant FHIR server Built natively on FHIR with all the capabilities of our FHIR platform available out of the box.

1up FHIR Server Benefits

  • “Build” in minutes - No need provision databases, setup environments, or manage bare metal. Simply sign up and get running via API keys in minutes.
  • Serverless - Built on serverless framework to maximize performance and scalability
  • Datastores Optimized for Access - We replicate the data in 5 different datastores depending on data access pattern (e.g., search, document, analytics, cache) abstracted from the end user
  • Scalable - Scales to millions of patients (as seen in our website SQL executor running on 1.2M patient and 750M total resources overall)
  • Hosting Flexibility - The 1upHealth server can be either hosted by 1upHealth’s cloud or can also be deployed into your cloud environment as a managed service
  • High Security - SOC 2 audited and HIPAA-compliant, our FHIR server is built using the same security experience which helped us win first place in the Secure FHIR server challenge.
  • Already Integrated - rather than creating a new standalone server or instance, the 1up FHIR server is already integrated with 10,000 endpoints across leading EHRs

1up FHIR Server Capabilities

  • Read / Write - Interact with FHIR data on a fully managed, cloud hosted, instantly scaleable FHIR server. All resource types are supported for DSTU2, STU3, and R4.
  • Full Search - Use any FHIR search query parameters to find relevant resources or data and power your apps data access patterns without building your own APIs.
  • Subscriptions - Create alerts or subscriptions for any search query and trigger workflows or get data pushed to your servers when certain criteria are met. This reduces the queries your application makes and serves relevant data per your request at the time it is received.
  • Structure Normalization / Mapping / Validation - all resources are automatically validated for conformance. Aggregated data from other organizations that may be FHIR-ish are canonicalized to the FHIR standard
  • CCDA Parser - 1upHealth offers a CCDA > FHIR parser that takes CCDA documents returns a bundle of the comprising FHIR resources
  • FHIR Analytics - you can run SQL queries directly on FHIR Bulk Data, or connect via JDBC to your business intelligence / data visualization tool of choice
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