Connect via JDBC
Once you have obtained the bulk data access, you can now connect your data on the 1upHealth platform to connect to the BI/Visualization tool of your choice by following these steps:
  1. 1.
    Follow the steps above to obtain FHIR Bulk Data access for your data on the 1up platform.
  2. 3.
    Download (or use an existing) SQL tool of your choice (e.g., DataGrip, open source tools like DBeaver, SQuirreL, etc.)
  3. 4.
    Configure the tool with the following values
    • Driver - Amazon Athena JDBC42 (e.g., jdbc:awsathena) - this is the .jar file you downloaded in step 2.
    • User Name (i.e., AWS Access Key) - Access Key Id provided in step 1
    • Password (i.e., AWS Secret Key) - Secret Access Key provided in step 1
    • Schema - Provided in step 1. In our example,
    • Bucket / Output Location - s3:// + Schema. In our example below, s3://
    • AWS Region - pulled from Schema. In our example below, us-east-1
    • Example URI - jdbc:awsathena://AwsRegion=us-east-1;S3OutputLocation=s3://;
  4. 5.
    Test the connection with simple query (e.g., select * from dstu2_patient limit 10)
    The available tables will include DSTU2 and STU3 resources, such as:
    • dstu2_condition
    • dstu2_observation
    • stu3_allergyintolerance
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