BodySite - FHIR Resource (stu3)

This BodySite Resource uses the FHIR API standard for access and structure.

Validate an BodySite FHIR Resource (stu3)

Resource Attributes

AttributeField is listTypeDescription
activefalseboolean# Whether this body site record is in active use
codefalseCodeableConcept# Named anatomical location
descriptionfalsestring# Anatomical location description
identifiertrueIdentifier# Bodysite identifier
imagetrueAttachment# Attached images
patientfalseReference# Who this is about
qualifiertrueCodeableConcept# Modification to location code

BodySite Structure

  "resourceType" : "BodySite",
  // from Resource: id, meta, implicitRules, and language
  // from DomainResource: text, contained, extension, and modifierExtension
  "identifier" : [{ Identifier }], // Bodysite identifier
  "active" : <boolean>, // Whether this body site record is in active use
  "code" : { CodeableConcept }, // Named anatomical location
  "qualifier" : [{ CodeableConcept }], // Modification to location code
  "description" : "<string>", // Anatomical location description
  "image" : [{ Attachment }], // Attached images
  "patient" : { Reference(Patient) } // R!  Who this is about


BodySite Search Parameters

The following search parameters can be used to query BodySite resources. Just submit them like so:
Search ParameterField TypeResource Fields Searched