Quick Connect (beta)

Quick Connect allows for an effortless way to access 1upHealth APIs for each supported health system. App developers can use this white-labeled flow to help patients instantly connect to health systems — enabling an automated log-in process.

What Can Quick Connect Offer?

1upHealth's Quick Connect allows for:

  • Access: We are connected to over 250M patients across hundreds of health systems -- so app developers can integrate seamlessly
  • Customization: Developers can add custom background color bg and state parameters; giving developers control over the application
  • Security: We are very serious about our obligation to protect the confidentiality of, and to limit the uses and disclosure of your information. Review our privacy policy for more information

Note: The Quick Connect white label flow is applicable for all EHRs (ex: grey photo below) except for Epic. For Epic, the patient login screen will be directly part of the health system’s patient portal login (ex: blue photo below)

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Check out our Quick Start Guide on how to access tokens.

You can then use your access token and health system_id in the url screen below to access the 1upHealth's Quick Connect page. After your patient has entered his/her credentials, the individual will be redirected back to your application's callback url.

  • Required parameters

    system_id = the numeric 1upHealth system id for the provider health system To obtain the System ID:

curl -XGET https://api.1up.health/connect/system/clinical?clientid=clientidclientidclientid&clientsecret=clientsecretclientsecret

access_token = the user’s live and active 1upHealth access token for your client app

  • Optional parameters

    state = Any string to help you identify the state in your client application upon redirect back to your callback url

    bg = String hex value like ff00ff to indicate the background color you want to use for the quick connect page

Toggle the subscription for patient's health data update

Now 1upHealth users can toggle the health data subscription for a patient. Which means that they can unsubscribe updates on a patients health data. By default patient’s data subscription for a health system gets activated when he/she signs in to a health system which eventually refreshes their health data on a daily basis on our backend.

To deactivate that, users can post a subscription fhir resource to 1upHealth using variables oneup_userId, oneup_systemId , patient_username (username for that health system account ), and patient_name (if required) in criteria property also oneup_access_token in header under channel in the resource, and the value for status property should be off. Subsription resource is as follows:

If there are multiple patients profiles to choose within a patient account, criteria would be as follows:

let criteria = `systemId/{oneup_systemId}/userId/{one_userId}/username/{patient_username}/patientName/${patientName}`


let criteria = `systemId/{oneup_systemId}/userId/{one_userId}/username/{patient_username}`
    let body = {
    "resourceType": "Subscription",
    "id": `${oneup_systemId}${one_userId}${patient_username}`,
    "criteria": criteria,
    "reason": "Toggle the health system connection",
    "status": "off",
    "channel": {
      "type": "rest-hook",
      "endpoint": "https://api.1up.health/fhir/dstu2",
      "payload": "application/json",
      "header": `Authorization: Bearer ${oneup_access_token}`

curl request to post subscription resource to 1upHealth :

curl -XPOST 'https://api.1up.health/fhir/dstu2/Subscription -H 'Authorization: Bearer {oneup_access_token} -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d 'body'

Our system would check for this resources before the data refresh flow and if this status is off , then data for that user , patient and system wont be refreshed. This can be undone by posting the same resource by changing the value to active for status property.


Reach out to our engineering team at: support@1up.health