Open Data API

Making the most of health data requires an existing base of information connected to that health data. For example knowing the NPI number a patient saw is great, but knowing the specialization of the doctor associated with that NPI is even better. Similarly seeing an NDC code show up in a medications list is not helpful without knowing the actual name of that medication and the packaging dosage. That's why we make available a FHIR API with much of this information already populated

Create a developer account

To query any open data just append _public=true parameter to any FHIR endpoint. Like any other request against our platform, you must have a valid access_token to query our public data. Here's an example of how you could find a list of all the public doctors (FHIR provider) on 1upHealth.

curl -XGET '' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token'

Populated FHIR Resources

Medications, Practitioners, and Organization resources are pre-populated using open data. These all have public permissions and will be returned when using any valid auth token.

Other available data

In addition to fully populated FHIR resources, when data is imported into 1upHealth we appropriately link it to codes like LOINC, ICD, and DRGs.