Let's fight COVID-19 Together

We are looking for Health care technologists to build solutions using FHIR API and Bulk FHIR analytics. Help Us Fight COVID-19 Pandemic by utilizing EHR data in your COVID solution.

Learn About The Importance Of Accessing Healthcare Data During a Pandemic

Thanks for joining our webinar discussing easier ways to get access to data during a pandemic. For the recording, click below.

Reduce Burden on Providers and Get Access to Patient Medical Data Instantly

Expedite Slow and Inefficient Processes like Life Insurance Underwriting Process By Getting Access to Customers Health Data using 1upHealth.

Fight COVID-19 pandemic with FHIR

Utilize EHR data in your app to deliver care during COVID-19 pandemic.

No authorization required from providers, simply ask consumers to connect to their individual data and compute on it instantly.

Help users manage, view, and act on their their health records with instant connectivity across the US.

    curl -X POST "https://api.1up.health/fhir/dstu2/Condition"  

    -H "Content-Type: application/json"  

    -H "Authorization: Bearer your_access_token"  


Use our free COVID FHIR Data set using our BULK FHIR Analytics Platform

Use FHIR® Bulk Data APIs for making population level data transfer and analytics possible.

Run deep queries that support JOINs, GROUP BYs, and other aggregations on our free COVID-19 FHIR data set

Streamlines EHR connectivity for provider facing applications and pop-health use cases like analytics, ML, and compliance.

We have partnered with multiple organizations in joining our resources together in order to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

FHIRBall Alliance

Open-source COVID-19 focused pandemic toolkit that enables people to get information, report their status and track their movements


Clinical study to build a free, public dataset that has the full story of every COVID-19 case, from before symptoms to post-recovery


COVID-19 trial matching tool and COVID-19 survey

SAFEHealth and ACOER

Pandemic response platform providing remote point of care diagnostics


MIT COVID-19 Challenge

Strengthening health systems and health facilities that may face staff, supplies, and resource shortages

Stop COVID-19 Hackathon

Presented by ConsenSysHealth, bringing together experts in the healthcare and life sciences field with Web 3.0 technologists to build Ethereum-based solutions in the fight to stop COVID19. Guest judges include Vitalik Buterin

Partner with us to fight COVID-19 pandemic using FHIR

If you’re interested to learn more about any of the initiatives below or would like to partner with us and learn how you can access medical record data from the 10,000 health facilities we are live with through our FHIR API platform, please email product@1up.health