FHIR® Versioning and How To Stay Up To Date

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FHIR® Overview In the healthcare space, most clinical data standards are set by HL7. The process of creating a new standard, and releasing it to healthcare professionals and developers is difficult. The reason for this is due to variability of protocol standardization that often encompasses multiple versions. In an attempt to solve this problem, HL7 […]

FHIR® adoption rate

Fhir (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) is a standard that defines the data formats and elements for exchanging electronic health records across the health processes, which is created and maintained by HL7


FHIR® provides atomic access to medical data via a RESTful API . CDA/CCD is a method of structuring a patient’s full medical history in an XML document.

Benefits of FHIR®

FHIR® is the introduction of a new HL7 standard that makes it easier to interact with health data and transmit it.