1upHealth, Wins 1st place in ONC's Health Data Provenance Challenge!

It's A Winner

1upHealth was announced as the 1st place winner of Phase 2 of the ONC Health Data Provenance Challenge! We implemented a feature which creates FHIR provenance resources for each new piece of information imported or connected from external health systems. Then a hash of the FHIR resource is also stored on a public blockchain based on Ethereum. Read more detail about the implementation of the 1upHealth FHIR + Blockchain Provenance features on our dev docs.

All developers building on the 1upHealth FHIR API platform can already benefit from this work. You can also visit our FHIR provenance GitHub repo to understand the technology in detail. We hope that our FHIR provenance + blockchain feature will bolster our FHIR API platform that helps app developers build health care apps of the future. If you have any feedback, drop us a line at hello@1up.health.