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We are leaders in FHIR® interoperability: our mission is to unlock health data, empower digital transformation in healthcare and improve industry outcomes

Our Journey Towards Transforming Healthcare

Data is the backbone of modern-day industries.

Data is the backbone of modern-day industries. In healthcare, platforms have not been designed with interoperability in mind: focused on billing, scheduling, and accessing electronic records with significant data privacy requirements, health data today is locked in disparate systems that are difficult to access. As a result, utilizing health information is complex and costly for patients and providers alike. Stakeholders have ended up with a limited ability to leverage the power of data.

Lack of access ultimately prevents patients from receiving the best possible care at the right cost. To overcome these barriers and create a more efficient health ecosystem, our founders, Ricky Sahu and Gajen Sunthara, had a vision: to leverage the power of interoperability. By transforming healthcare, they could change how care is delivered, how patients access their medical information, and how care costs are distributed. They understood that there was a better way to manage healthcare information by leveraging available technologies. Starting in 2017, 1upHealth rose to the challenge, and today we have set the foundation for the impact that interoperability can have on the industry. 

Our Mission: Improving Healthcare Interoperability

1upHealth understands that health care can be extended outside of the clinical setting.

As a leader in FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), we understand that healthcare is poised to leverage all industry data for the benefit of stakeholders. Emboldened by our knowledge, we make it our mission to unlock data to improve industry outcomes, speed up innovation, and improve individuals' quality of life. Our innovative FHIR API technology is the primary tool for making this happen.

Through our secure FHIR API platform, we offer a solution to: 

  • Break the barriers that hinder innovation and interoperability 
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Leverage the cloud for ubiquitous technology enablement

Our FHIR API platform transforms healthcare by making it easier to access, integrate, aggregate, and share data across the industry. This allows for improved health care outcomes and reduced costs, bridging the gap between patient-centered data and provider needs. 

By enabling access to actionable health data from over 10,000 health facilities that we are connected to, we are building an ecosystem through which we can improve care, research, and, most importantly, the quality and health of human lives.

What we do

We believe in a new era of insight-driven healthcare. Our platform unlocks siloed data and enables industry transformation and new frontiers across healthcare.
Individuals and organizations can power their operations using 1upHealth’s platform to enable data accessibility and standardization, providing them with a holistic view of how to improve healthcare.
Our secure cloud-based FHIR Platform is a serverless solution that simplifies connectivity, integration, and automation. It eases deployment and scalability, enabling digital transformation through actionable health data.

What we offer:

Data Standardization

Health data is transformed into a clean and consistent FHIR format used across various platforms.  


Individuals and organizations can power their operations using our FHIR Platform to enable data accessibility, standardization and meet compliance with governmental regulations.  


Our FHIR Platform enables an ecosystem where data flows between healthcare stakeholders. In this way, new frontiers across the healthcare industry can be explored.  


We believe in a new era of insight-driven healthcare. We promote industry transformation and a novel approach to the data ecosystem, which introduces new frontiers in healthcare. Our services will also include data analytics on both the individual and population levels on the horizon.

Companies that share our vision

We work with payers and providers to expand our health data ecosystem, advance interoperability and improve patient care across the United States.

Customers who can use our platform

App Developers
Life Insurance
More to come...

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of healthcare visionaries.

From software engineers to medical professionals, our mission is one: interoperability for better health care.

If you would like to learn more about life at 1upHealth, or are interested in joining us, visit our careers page.


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