1upHealth Provider Application

Complete patient records, at your fingertips

With access only to medical records from within your institution, you may be missing vital information on your patients. 1upHealth aggregates and automatically updates patient records from external health systems. We’re using new nationwide standards that allow for the seamless exchange of health data, so that you have all the information you need to make informed clinical decisions.


A more intelligent way to view health data

You shouldn’t have to sift through pages and pages of extraneous data just to find what you need. The 1upHealth provider portal is designed by physicians for physicians, giving you the most relevant patient data in an intuitive display. Our consolidated patient timeline feature makes it easy to keep track of patient encounters. Because less time searching through notes means more time with patients.

Integrated into your workflow

Organizations that Benefit from 1upHealth


Complex Referral Health Systems

Patients can share their data directly with your practice or organization so clinical data from external health systems and wearable devices flows right into your EMR. All the data is searchable and presented contextually based on the patient’s history and the role of the care team member.

MIPS & MACRA Participants

The care coordination objective umbrella, includes requirements for view, download, and transmit, secure messaging, and patient-generated health data. Patient-generated health data asks providers to incorporate data contributed by the patient from at least one unique patient. By using 1upHealth you can add up to 10% to your performance score weight.

Accountable Care Organizations

ACOs care about their patients well being after discharge. 1upHealth helps track patient activity using data collected from phones, sensors, and other health systems. Care coordinators and providers can be alerted about patients who may be at risk for readmission based on external data connected by patients.

Innovation Teams

1upHealth provides an API platform for developers to use connected patient data in apps. Your teams can build on the 1upHealth platform using the FHIR standard to develop novel ways to empower patients and providers. Teams can integrated 1upHealth data in their apps in less than 1 hour.

Supported Data

1upHealth supports all the Meaningful Use 2 data elements. This includes patient demographics, labs, medications, observations, procedures, allergies, care team, and much more.

Interested in bringing 1upHealth to your institution?