API Pricing

Pricing varies based on usage counted as number of API requests, total data storage, and number of health system connections.

Free tier

Our free tier is data under 100MB of data stored, under 1000 API requests per month, and less than 10 health system connections. If you exceed any of those across the total useage of your apps then you will be billed.

API Usage

1 - 100,000 queries per month = $0.0049 per query
100,001 - 1,000,000 = 0.0039
>1,000,001 = 0.0029

Health System Connections

Each health system connection is $0.99 per month. A health system connection occurs whenever a user connects a health system. A health system connections is only billed for if it has been active in a given month. If our token to access that health system has expired for that user and unavailable the entire month, you will not be billed for it. Expiration times range from 6 minutes to 5 years depending on the organization.


Storage is fixed at $0.99 per 100MB.


If your app stored 1GB worth of data and made 100,500 queries, and 50 health system connections in a given month, the price would total $551.44, billed on the 5th of the following month.